Daniel Worley

Gossamer Wings
(In Memoriam, J. Nicholas Worley 1940-2010)
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Gossamer Wings is an album about letting go.
Letting go of the need for perfection.
Letting go of the need to please.
Letting go of the need to succeed.
Letting go of the need to hide.
But mostly, letting go of my father.

Gossamer Wings
In Memoriam, J. Nicholas Worley 1940-2010.

01 - Let Her Blow                    (John R. Cash)
02 - Come July                       (Daniel Worley)
03 - Better Online                    (Daniel Worley)
04 - Drunk Again                     (Daniel Worley)
05 - Hair of the Dog                (Daniel Worley)
06 - If I’d Known                      (Daniel Worley)
07 - For the Good Times        (Kris Kristofferson)
08 - This Old Road                  (Kris Kristofferson)
09 - Goodbye                          (Steve Earle)
10 - Like a Soldier                   (John R. Cash)
11 - Peace in the Valley          (Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey)
12 - Tear Stained Eye             (Jay Farrar)

(all instruments and vocals by Daniel Worley)

[Download Album - zip file 114MB]
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